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Repairs & Refurbishments

Welding & Fabrication Services | Excavator & Heavy Plant Track Repair | Boom Repairs

Our workshop has facilities to turn, drill, mill, shape and form components.

We have a sophisticated range of welding equipment with which to perform manual metal arc, MIG or TIG welding.

All our welders are highly experienced and capable of producing high quality welds in all positions, from down hand to overhead, for both fillet and butt welds.

We provide a variety of repair and refurbishment services, including excavator & heavy plant repair of tracks, buckets and blades, crane & excavator boom repairs, grab repairs and much more.

Repairs are carried out to manufacturers specifications and procedures and genuine replacement parts are also used.

A J Johnson Ltd are happy to visit your site to assess the extent of repair or modification required.



Welding & Fabrication Repair Services include:

  • Track Pads Repair & Refurbishments
  • Hi Lift Buckets
  • General Assorted Buckets
  • Grabs
  • Tip Link
  • Tynes For Grab
  • Build Up Crusher Teeth/Hammers
  • Excavator Boom & Arm Repairs
  • Repairs To Auger
  • Repairs To Tractor Attachments
  • Repairs To Shaker Frames
  • Repairs To Quick Hitches
  • Put Chamfers On Plate Edges
  • Excavator Repairs
  • Weld Piles
  • Remove & Fit Spring Hanger
  • Repairs To Tailboard Hinges/Door



Repairs & Refurbishment Gallery

Dumper Truck Axle Repair

This is a customer of ours who had a broken axle in a 100 tonne dump truck. It was repaired in 2009 and is still working today.


Excavator & Heavy Plant Track Repair

We refurbish trackpads from heavy excavators. We have done quite a few sets from the 120E's. The tracks are built up then ground back down and have new pins and bushes put in.


Crane Boom Repairs & Refurbishment

A badly damaged Backacter boom arm, which was repaired and refurbished at our workshop.


Excavator Boom Repairs & Refurbishment

This shows the repairs and modifications to a Excavator Boom.